Tillman Lodge Special Resource Provision

Welcome from Jill Allen – Head Of School

‘A warm welcome to Tillman Lodge, where children are cared for and given every opportunity to succeed in life. We have a real passion and understanding for ensuring that we provide a safe, nurturing place where children can regulate and achieve their best.

Tillman Lodge, our resource provision for children who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs as their primary need, opened in October 2021. We strive to create a calm and safe sanctuary where children can flourish and where we can build a positive relationship with you, so that together we achieve great things for your child’.


An SRP is a provision, within a mainstream school, designed to provide specialist and targeted support for children. Tillman Lodge at Henley C of E Primary School, offers a safe, nurturing environment to support primary age children with Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) needs in Warwickshire.

Tillman Lodge is staffed by a well-qualified team which consists of a full-time teacher, two Teaching Assistants and a part time Family Well-being Facilitator.  

The Tillman Lodge Vision 

Our whole school vision is ‘Living Life In Its Fullness’ John 10:10

Our aim is to build positive relationships with the children and their families, who attend Tillman Lodge. We will provide a therapeutic approach to their learning so that they are able to overcome their barriers and enjoy success both emotionally and academically.

What we offer – a specialist provision for pupils with SEMH

Tillman Lodge is a brand-new purpose-built centre which is on the site of Henley C of E Primary School. It is a light, spacious and welcoming space. We have two large bright classrooms, a sensory room, a Thrive room, a large outdoor play area, and a fully functioning kitchen, where the children will have the opportunity to cook some delicious delights for you!

Special and mainstream schools making specialist provision for pupils with SEMH will:

  • A specialist environment which supports the learning needs of each pupil.
  • Small scale – there will be a maximum of 14 children at Tillman Lodge.
  • Specialist staff with experience and training in work with challenging behaviour, who offer consistent strategies and boundaries to support change at a high level of intensity and detail. This may include physical intervention.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which encompasses the National Curriculum and takes account of the age and individual needs of each pupil; to ensure and enable appropriate progress and attainment.
  • Deliver the curriculum, taking account of pupils’ difficulties in social functioning and other learning needs, and provide opportunities for individual and group teaching, counselling and guidance.
  • Provide a behaviour management structure, with individual behaviour management plans (IBMP) where appropriate.
  • Provide access to learning programmes that address emotional needs (e.g. anger, self-control, relationships) and the development of positive social and interactional skills.
  • Provide pupils with frequent and detailed feedback and encouragement about their behaviour.
  • Value pupils for themselves, as well as what they are capable of achieving, and maintain a level of care and offer positive experiences even in the context of potentially challenging behaviour.
  • Offer a high level of home-school liaison and partnership with parents/carers, supported by the attached social worker.
  • Enable close working with psychiatric/therapeutic and other support services.
  • Access to lessons in mainstream classes, in addition to specialist resources and teaching, when appropriate.

Our Ethos

At Tillman Lodge as part of the Henley C of E Primary School community, we aspire for everyone, celebrating the strengths and unique qualities of every member of our setting. We deliver this through the following values. We encourage a caring attitude towards other children, the school community and the local environment. Every individual is valued as unique and special, and all have the opportunity to feel part of a caring school.

We all strive to follow our RESPECT code below:

Meet the Tillman Lodge Team

Schools Meals

A hot lunch will be provided by the school kitchen and will be served by Tillman Lodge staff in a family dining setting unless you wish your child to have a packed lunch. The children may also have their lunch in the main hall with the rest of the school, if this supports their development.

Snacks and Water

These will be provided by Tillman Lodge unless your child has specific dietary needs.


  • Plain navy-blue or school sweatshirt or fleece
  • Plain white polo shirt 
  • Plain navy-blue jogging bottoms
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Wellies
  • Slippers


At Tillman Lodge we aim for all our pupils to flourish by providing equal opportunities and access to the curriculum for all pupils whatever their ability or additional need. On occasions some pupils may need extra support to help them achieve their full potential. All staff will work collaboratively to achieve the best for the children working with outside professionals as appropriate.

When your child joins our school we will allocate them to a school house: House colours are:

  • DeMontfort – RED,
  • Beaudesert – GREEN,
  • Arden – YELLOW


At Tillman Lodge we recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where pupils are respected and valued. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that pupils receive effective support, protection and justice. We have an onsite Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at all times in Tillman Lodge (Emma Maxfield), with two more Designated Safeguarding Leads in the Main School. These are the two Heads of School – Jill Allen and Elaine Field. 

Medical and other issues

When pupils start school and as appropriate, parents are asked to complete a form outlining any medical history, including any allergies suffered, that we should be aware of. It is important that this record including contact details is kept up-to-date. 

 First Aid 

Basic first aid is given at school when necessary by qualified First Aiders. If the school deem that further medical attention might be needed, parents will be contacted. If an accident needs hospital attention, we will make every effort to contact parents. We ask parents to ensure all contact details are kept up-to-date so that we can make contact in an emergency. All injuries are recorded.


The school has responsibility for the safety and welfare of pupils and regularly reviews arrangements to ensure that the medical needs of the pupils are met at school. Currently, only prescribed medicine can be administered in school.

Parents and carers in partnership

We warmly welcome parents and carers into Tillman Lodge, believing we are partners in the education of your child. There are some opportunities for parents/carers to become involved in the life of the school and to gain a greater understanding of its work. 

We communicate in various ways, primarily through newsletters, emails via StudyBugs and regular Facebook up-dates on our closed school site. 

We report to parents/carers about progress and learning on a termly basis, through parent’s evenings and an annual written report. Staff are always happy to meet to talk through this. Please call the school office on 01564 792766 or email: admin2059@welearn365. com. 

The school’s website has a wealth of information including relevant newsletters, year group pages, copies of key policies and curriculum information.  Henley-In-Arden CofE Primary School – A Church of England Academy (henleyinardenprimary.org.uk)

PTA for Henley C of E Primary School

They are a group of parents/carers, with a teaching representative, who work together to organise social and fundraising events throughout the year for the benefit of pupils and the wider school community. Tillman Lodge parents are welcome to join.


Once your place has been decided, your EHCP plan coordinator will send you a link to apply for SEND transport (if this is needed). On the link, you will need to put the school as, ‘Tillman Centre @ Henley Primary School’. It can take 15 days to set up, so please apply as soon as you can. 

The transport team can be contacted via: transportoperations@warwickshire.gov.uk or by calling: 01926 412929 and the application should be clearly stated as SEND transport.        

School contact information and enquiries: admin2059@welearn365.com or call 01564 792766