As a school, we have recently enrolled to deliver the ‘Thrive Approach’ within school. The
approach promotes the well being of all our children and helps to prevent mental health
issues arising. It provides those who work with children and young people with the
knowledge, skills and tools to optimise social and emotional development. Thrive is
committed to supporting and encouraging the development of confident, curious, creative
and capable children and young people who are open to learning and better equipped to
deal with life’s ups and downs. The connections children and young people have with the
adults around them is key to the approach.
The Thrive Approach draws on the latest research into brain science, child development
theory and attachment theory. It helps us to understand how the brain develops, and how
parents, teachers and other professionals can best support this development.
Schools that have adopted the Thrive Approach have reported many benefits, including
calmer children, less disruptions in class, improved attendance, reduced exclusions and
higher achievements.
We are all very excited about this and look forward to using the approach within school.
Please see the information regarding this.

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