School Closure Procedures


In the event of bad weather, heating failure etc. this is the system for notifying everyone that school will be closed before the start of a school day: –

We can message everyone from Study Bugs even out of school hours if there is likely to be a school closure. 

If you are concerned about extreme weather conditions and you have not received a message from school by 8.00 am on a school day, please use the phone tree system.

You can also find information on the school Facebook page and you can still tune into your local radio stations for information from 7.00 am onwards; they take their information from the county website.

Each family is responsible for finding out if school is open for themselves. The Heads of School will contact the school bus service to cancel the bus for our children if school is to be closed. We do try to co-ordinate with other local schools. Occasionally we will make a decision the day before difficult weather is expected based on weather reports and police advice.

We will do everything possible to keep the school open unless safety is compromised. Decisions are made around 6.00 am so everyone should know what the situation is by 8.00 am. However conditions can vary locally so you may need to make your own decision as to whether or not it is safe to travel.

When there is snow or ice we will clear and salt safe pathways into school. Please read the signs at the front of school for details of how children should enter the school. Occasionally they may need to come in through the front door and not go on the playground. Please try not to arrive before 8.40 am as entry cannot be guaranteed into school before that time.

Enforced school closure during the day

We use Study Bugs to alert parents and carers that immediate collection of the children is necessary. We try to supplement this by telephoning any families that are not on these services. Bearing in mind that we would only evacuate our school during the day for the most serious circumstances, it is vital that every child is collected as quickly as possible so that staff may also evacuate.

The telephone tree does not operate in evacuation situations.

You are welcome to telephone school if you want to alert us of any situations in the area we may not be aware of or to find out what action we are taking, but in our experience, the fewer people that do this, the better, as we need to keep the phone lines as clear as possible.

Please keep a careful note of the phone tree and only use it at the appropriate time. You do not have permission to share these numbers with any other person.

Please contact us if you need any further information.