Performance and Standards

Achievements and Performance for 2017-2018 

Congratulations to all our children on their achievements this year. We are all very proud of their effort and hard work.

Early Years Foundation Stage: 

EYFS is assessed against 17 Early Learning Goals (ELG) across seven areas of learning. Children are assessed at Level 1 – emerging, Level 2 – expected or Level 3 – exceeding.

We have improved our overall assessment score from 76% of our children achieving a good level of development. This is above Warwickshire of 73% and National figures of 71%. Our average total assessment score was 38.5 compared to Warwickshire figure of 34.2 and National figure of 34.6


89% of Year 1 pupils achieved a pass in the phonics screening check. This again exceeded both Warwickshire of 83% and National figures of 81%.


KS2 results based on the 26 pupils who sat the tests in July 2018

% of pupils achieving the expected standard or more in Reading, Writing & Maths combined 77%
The Maths Progress Score (-3.4 to 0.8) -1.26   
The Writing Progress Score  (-2.3 to 2.1) -0.09  
The Reading Progress Score  (-1.2 to 3.4) 1.11   
Average scaled score in Reading 106.3
Average scaled score in Maths 103.3
% of pupils achieving a high standard in Reading 31%
% of pupils achieving a high standard in Writing 23%
% of pupils achieving a high standard in Maths 27%
% of pupils achieving a high standard in Reading, Writing & Maths 15%

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