Academy Trust and Governing Body

The Governing Body plays an important role in guiding the school strategically in conjunction with the Executive Head Teacher and Leadership team, with a view to providing the best possible education and educational opportunities for all of the pupils.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office on 01564 792766 or by letter addressed to :

Mr David Mitchell
Chair of Governing Body,
Henley in Arden Church of England Primary School,
Arden Road,
Henley in Arden,
B95 5FT

The Governors at Henley in Arden Church of England Primary School are responsible for:-

  • Monitoring the effective delivery of the National Curriculum;
  • Financial management;
  • Professional advice on the adequacy and deployment of resources within the school;
  • Monitoring the academy’s self-evaluation;
  • Establishing clear priorities and procedures for the effective support of the academy;

The governing body is also split into 4 committees that meet every term.  The committees are;

Finance Committee – Jan Morgan

  • Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and reviewing policy and performance in relation to financial management and compliance with reporting and regulatory requirements. They oversee the staffing structure and payment reviews. They also receive reports from the Responsible Officer and draft the annual budget.

Premises Committee – Duncan Bainbridge

  • Responsible for monitoring the site and buildings of the Academy, determining what routine improvements should be made and planning for future expansion or enhancement of the current facilities.

Standards Committee – Pat Walters

  • This committee focuses on the teaching and learning within the school. They monitor pupil’s progress and attainment through RAISE online and other means of self-assessment.   It evaluates the impact of focused Pupil Premium spending. It is also kept informed about curriculum changes and the effect on future resources. They are consulted on policy development prior to policies being approved by the full governing body.

Governors join at least one committee and have the responsibility for focusing on specific topics/areas ranging from standards of education, fabric of the school buildings, staffing, budgets and community.  Each committee has terms of reference, objectives and delegated powers.  The chair of each committee provides feedback to all governors during full governing body meetings and certain issues are presented and then voted on by all governors.


Mr David Mitchell 01/09/2021

Chair of Governing Body             Finance & Personnel Committee;       Standards Committee

Mr Philip Tillman 01/09/2021 Vice-Chair of Governing Body;


Ms Jane Aldred-Ferguson 01/09/2021  
Mr Duncan Bainbridge 01/09/2021 Chair: Premises Committee
Mrs Louise Dale-Barron 01/09/2021  
Rev John Ganjavi 01/09/2021 Premises Committee
Mrs Jan Morgan 01/09/2021 Chair: Finance & Personnel Committee
Mrs Pat Walters 01/09/2021 Chair: Standards Committee
Parent Governor    
Mrs Sue Westcott 01/12/2022 Standards Committee
Staff Governor    
Mrs Elaine Field 01/09/2021 Premises Committee
Executive Head Teacher    
Mr Adam Walsh Ex officio Standards Committee;

Finance & Personnel Committee

Clerk to the Governing Body    
Mr Ian Paterson 1 month’s notice Clerk to Governing Body

Mr Mitchell, Mr Tillman and Reverend Ganjavi are Members of Henley in Arden Church of England Primary School;

The Bishop of Coventry and the Coventry Diocesan Board of Education are also Members.

All Governors are Trustees of Henley in Arden Church of England Primary School, appointed by the Members for a term of four years.

Register of Interests of Governors    October 2017

Name Position Name of organisation Nature of interest Date interest was registered Date interest ceased Notes
David Mitchell Chair         No pecuniary or personal interest requiring declaration


Philip Tillman













Vice Chair












PT Educational Consultancy Ltd










Educational consultancy

























No services currently, or expected to be, provided to the school










Jane Aldred Governor Aldred Ferguson Consulting ltd Educational consultancy 23/10/2017   No services currently, or expected to be, provided to the school
Duncan Bainbridge Governor         No pecuniary or personal interest requiring declaration
Louise Dale-Barron Governor Henley in Arden School Governor 04/10/2017   Appointed as governor of Henley in Arden School in June 2015
Elaine Field Staff Governor Henley in Arden CE Primary School Employee (Teacher) 25/09/2017   Spouse is also employed by school
John Gangavi (Revd.) Governor         No pecuniary or personal interest requiring declaration
Adam Walsh Executive Head Teacher Arden Forest MAT   01/01/2018   School has contract with Arden Forest MAT  for Mr Walsh’s services as Executive Head Teacher
Jan Morgan Governor         No pecuniary or personal interest requiring declaration
Sue Westcott Parent Governor         No pecuniary or personal interest requiring declaration


Record of Review

Date 23/10/2017
Clerk to the Governors   I S C Paterson


Name   Meetings attended Of a possible
Philip Tillman (Chair)   6 6
David Mitchell (Vice Chair)   6 6
Jane Aldred-Ferguson   3 6
Duncan Bainbridge   5 6
Louise Dale Barron   3 6
Paula Dhugga resigned 31/07/17 2 4
Elaine Field   5 5
John Ganjavi   6 6
Jenny Godsall appointed 01/01/17 4 4
Pamela Hayes resigned 14/12/16 2 2
Naneh Hovhannisyan   4 6
Jose Lopez resigned 15/11/16 0 1
Jan Morgan   6 6
Sue Westcott   6 6
Sue White resigned 14/12/16 2 2
* although serving for the full year, Mrs Field and Mrs Dhugga had not attended some meetings
 because of the nature of issues being discussed  

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