Year 5 ‘BIG BANG’ for their new topic the Rainforest.

What a great way to launch our new topic in Year 5 with our ‘bean
to bar’ BIG BANG. The children plotted the rainforests, learnt about some of
the rainforest fruits and cocoa in particular and then had a blind tasting
session. Some children loved the 85% dark chocolate, some the chilli chocolate
and some milk or white. We certainly woke of their taste buds for more learning.  They then made their own designer chocolates.
Having designed a recipe from their chocolate tasting session, the children put
their plans into action, getting the melting point just right and mixing in the
correct amount of fillings and flavouring. They also designed and made their
own packaging for the chocolates as well as writing an advert to promote it. They
all had a scrumptious time and we hope that the parents got to enjoy the
finished result! Great work Year 5.