Autumn Term


This first half term, Year 5 will be joining Dr Who on a perilous journey back in time! Having already written letters applying to be Dr Who’s assistant our next step was to write a letter to our Future me! For our BIG BANG we then buried our  time capsule ready for the end of the year. Will the children achieve their hopes and dreams this year? In July we will find out.

We then joined Dr Who in the tardis and arrived back in time, to the year 1606, to the Tudor times. We met with a fictional William Shakespeare and asked him about the book he was writing at the time – Macbeth. The children have already started to read the story and have used some drama techniques to improve their performances.

Our English work will focus on this tragic story, along with ‘ Clockwork’, written by Philip Pullman.  We will soon be holding a Tudor day where the children can come to school dressed as a Tudor, rich or poor! Cooking a Tudor meal will be just part of the activities planned for the day.

In art this half term we will be creating Tudor portraits and in our geography we will zoom in on Stratford upon Avon. Our visit to Stratford will help us to develop our understanding of the great bard, our local Tudor buildings and develop an understanding as to why people come to Stratford, with an emphasis on tourism in the local area. We will be opening a tourist information centre in school towards the end of the term. Look out for the details of these  events coming. Must dash the tardis is flashing ready to move on! Bye for now. See you in another galaxy!!