Autumn Term


‘Superheroes’ is a brilliant topic for inspiring the children’s writing right from the start of the year. The children will learn about different superheroes, create their own superhero characters and write their own stories. Children will also learn about real life heroes from history and create their own non-fiction texts using their new knowledge. We have already looked at Alan Turing, who cracked the enigma code, during our topic launch day.

In Science, children will learn all about healthy food and how to keep their bodies healthy, they will study the skeletal and muscular systems in the human body and begin to understand how different foods sustain functions in their bodies.

In Topic lessons, Children will explore where foods come from, learn about Roy Lichtenstein and make their own pop art, research heroic acts from history and even learn a superhero song.

Maths this half term will focus on place value and mental addition and subtraction skills.