Autumn Term

We are well into the second half-term of the year and the children have settled really well. Our topic this term is, ‘Whatever the Weather’. The classroom is looking fantastic with all of the mini weather projects, thank you so much parents for supporting your child with their creations, a lot of work has gone into them and the children are so proud seeing them on display. Please feel free to come and have a look at them on display.


This term, we are using the weather and seasons topic as a theme for our writing and reading. We are reading a lot of non-fiction weather and season books, looking at the different features, such as: photographs, titles, subheadings, captions and contents pages and discussing why these features are present in these books.

Please continue to read lots of non-fiction texts with your child this could be anything from: a cook book, instructions, magazines and even signs as you’re out and about.

I have been really impressed with the amount of reading some children are completing each week, a big well-done to: Noah, Sophie J, Sophie B, Adam, Joshua, Alfie W and Gabe, who, week after week impress me with the amount of reading they complete out of school!


The children have taken really well to the mastery approach to maths. We have been working on our place value this term, comparing three and then four groups and using, greatest and smallest to describe our groups. We have started to use inequality symbols ( < = >) to show which numbers are greater, fewer, and equal.

Please keep practising 2s, 5s, and 10 times tables at home, five minutes a day can make all the difference!


We have been very busy recording the weather patterns each day, which has been very interesting as here it changes daily! The children have been measuring the air temperature with a thermometer and measuring the amount of rain with their hand made rain gages. We are still yet to make our: wind vanes, wind socks, and rain sound makers. A big thank you once again for providing milk cartons, bottles for our Science projects.

As I’m sure you’ll agree this term is flying by, we have even started learning the songs for our Christmas production! But, there is a real buzz of excitement amongst the children, it’s lovely to see! The children have worked so hard already, please feel free to come in and have a look at their books to see the fantastic progress they are all making! It really has been a pleasure teaching them.