Fairy Tales Part 2

This week, we have continued our learning about Fairy tales, with an alternative story about Cinderella, called Keep Smiling Cinderella, which also focuses on the importance of brushing your teeth!

In English, we read the story, made story maps and wrote our own retellings of the story. We also wrote instructions about brushing our teeth!

In Maths, we have learned how to read and make o’clock times and have enjoyed using the small clocks to make our times. We have also learned what o’clock times look like in digital format and we have  played time bingo, which we wanted to play again and again!

Our favourite activity was to become a real life Cinderella and clean the classroom with an assortment of vacuum cleaners. We had to work out how each one switched on and worked and then had to clean up the large amounts of glitter Mrs Field threw on the carpet! It was great fun and we could see how technology was important at school and at home!