Autumn Term

Pirate day

We started our topic in true pirate fashion. We abandoned out uniforms and dressed up as a pirate. We came armed with cutlasses, swords and hooks! First we completed a maths treasure hunt outside. We had to hunt for clues and solve them to get the missing letters. It was great fun!

Then we read the book ‘A new home for a pirate’ We had to help Jed decide which item of his pirate paraphernalia would be best for each animal he met. After that we played lots of pirate games in the hall. It was fun scrubbing the decks and pretending the captain was coming.

In the afternoon, we learnt a pirate song called portside pirate, it was very jolly. After that we listened to the Night Pirates book. Lastly, we made some pirate faces out of paper plates. What a great start to year two!