Spring Term

Our topic for the Spring Term is, ‘Zooming Around’. Our learning will focus on studying things that move and how transport has changed throughout the years.


This term, the aim is to develop children’s sentence structure. This includes the use of capital letters (for names and to begin a sentence) and the use of full-stops, exclamation marks and question marks. To do this, we have been using sentence stepping stones before we write. We lay pictures (from story books) on the floor, we say a sentence out loud, each time we jump to another picture, we know that is the end of the sentence and we must add in a full-stop.

The writing genres that we will cover this term are: instruction writing (directions), story writing, poetry, and non-fiction (leaflets).


Our current maths unit is addition and subtraction within 10. We are becoming experts at the, ‘mastery approach’. In all maths sessions we dedicate time to practise becoming a fluent counter. We practise counting in: 10s, 2s, 5s and, 1s. Please practise these at home. A great resource to use for this is: ‘Jack Hartmann’ on YouTube.

All our maths lessons are centred on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach. This means, that each new maths concept is shown with objects such as: counters, lego, conkers, apples, etc. Then, children are shown how to draw the amounts, they may draw the objects they have used or they may start to draw circles, or dots, it is at this point that they are developing their understanding of what a,’ one’ (unit) is. Children need to practise the, ‘concrete and pictorial’, and, in turn, their abstract knowledge of number will increase.


This term, we are learning all about materials. We will be naming objects by the following materials: plastic, wood, metal, glass, paper, card, stone and brick. We will also be discussing properties that materials have, for example: bendy, stiff, transparent, opaque, waterproof, shiny, dull, etc.


In History, we are learning about how transport has changed over time; a history of cars and a history of trains. We will develop our understanding of using the terms, “A long time ago”, “In the past”, “In the future” and, “At present time”.

We have enjoyed learning about an early mode of transport, the Viking Longboat.

In Geography, we are learning about the UK, its capital cities and the surrounding seas. The children have enjoyed looking at the UK in the atlases and on google maps. We are also developing our understanding of the words, ‘satellite’ and ‘a bird eye view’.